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Jon Freeman
New York University



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>> About MouseTracker data

>> Analyzing data

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>> Converting from MouseTracker 1.x



Copyright 2009-2016, Jon Freeman
Version 2.83


Start Menu >> Programs >> MouseTracker

To activate the software, you have to use Free register program to register your use of MouseTracker (for free). Thanks for respecting the freedom of this software.

Please see the 'sample' folder (e.g., "C:\MouseTracker\sample") for a sample experiment with more common and less common fruits and veggies (using image, word, auditory, and compound stimuli). Looking at the files in this folder, and most importantly, the fruit-veggies.csv file, while also opening it in the Designer program and looking over this help documentation, is probably the easiest way to learn how to create a MouseTracker study of your own.